Workshops for adults and children

Workshop for adults

Bring your old electronic devices and you can directly assist them in the process of transforming it into a personal technologic jewel: exploration, diassembly, cleaning of the component, and inclusion in Orotrasparente, a new material developed after five years of trial and research. The owners of electronic components will receive a Cirkuita Jewel created together during the workshop. @ Bookshop Triennale di Milano; Must Shop Science&Technology Museum: Mart Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto

Workshop for kids 

In today's digital era, who knows more about technology than youngsters? Their PCs, iPods, iPads, smartphones, controllers and joypads are their bread and butter, their trustworthy companions – their future. Yet, their ability to use multiple devices is nothing compared to the human talent that manufactured them. Behind the screens there is a much more fascinating world that kids can't even imagine. 

That's why Paola Mirai welcomes children and young boys and girls at her amazing workshops where they can have fun smashing "large pieces" with hammers and screwdrivers to reassemble chips and circuits into design objects and sculptures that they can create.