East meets West

This is an ongoing collection of art works made by Paola Mirai and all her friends, collaborators, students of the School of Design - Politecnico di Milano and students of the master Lab. Miniera - Poli.design These are art works about the meet across two words: the east and the west. They talk about a new kind of beauty :)



by Luis Ciccognani e Paola Mirai



by Siyu Liu



by Chiara Quaggia


by Marco Lacaria




by Matteo Sorbelli



by Claudia Fagini


by Gloria Marchini



by Lorenzo Zecchin



by Matteo Sorbelli 

by Letizia Spatara



by Martino Caliendo


by D'Onofrio


by Marco Lacaria



by Elisabetta Ghezzi



by Fabio Besti



by Chiara Zagrandi


by Lorenzo Beltrami


by Anna Ornaghi


 by Francesco Perrotta >>


by Margherita Ider >>  

by Luigi Patti



by Irene Caputo



Jennifer Zeni

by Jennifer Zeni



by Nicola Borsoni



by Nicolò Romagnolo



by Marta Caliendo



by Carlotta Masciadri 


by Paola Mirai



by paola mirai

from "Raise The Red Lantern"  third mistress singing "Red Matchmaker" music by Wang Shifu, soprano He Caife; from "Five Element" music of Gaetano Donizetti, Lucia di Lammermoor, Diva Dance, soprano Inva Mula-Tchako 



by Anghelos Cristofellis




by Siyu Liu



by Carlotta Masciadri



by Paola Mirai


by Luna Gualdi



by Paola Mirai


by Siyu Liu