Like Culture, in anthropological point of view, connections are circular shaped. They are similar to the perturbation of ripples in a pond, but they are not only concentric: every-circle, like every-connection, is linked, crossed and permeated with/by the other. 

This jewel is the symbolic representation of the movement of physical, human and digital reciprocity. OIKOSPHERE is like a city, “a place where you can find a thing searching for another” because every framework is related to the other.




Dialogues is a meeting point between the Japanese association JJDA (Japan Jewellery Designers Association) and agc.

The idea is that of a creative and cultural exchange among the jewellery artists of the two countries. To this purpose, images taken from the Japanese and Italian artistic identity will be used as a starting point for inspiration in making the jewellery. Each participating member made an exchange of works with the Japanese colleague. The creative co-creation led to the design of two unique jewels.




"Man is resurrected with the fury of the soul and rationality of the mind, placing himself at the base of reality and the center of the universe.
New and irrepressible emotions are reborn from classics and ancient artistic geometries."

The brooch looks like a series of transparent concentric circles, aimed at framing a sculptural man, but in motion, representing Mercury, the messenger of the Greek gods.

The closure of the brooch is made entirely of gold, while Mercury was made through a composition of parts anatomical models from miniature models, in 1:87 scale, with the use of the wax casting technique lost in bronze.

Experimentation with materials, and empirical and mythological research is therefore the basis of creation of this brooch, inspired by the rebirth of Man as a species and as an individual, but also as rediscovery of the earthly manifestation of him, without external ties, in full awareness and freedom.



OCULUS MUNDI – The eye of the world


SARR-European Week for Waste Reduction, Rome 2014

Oculus Mundi: The eye of the past, that keeps the invisible memory of forgotten images, is now projecting its strength in the man of the future’s sight; visions of a world that reveal new perceptions of ourselves, revealing a reality edified on multiple sights and on multiple humanity.