Spaccachip @ Andersen School February/March 2013

In this digital era, the highest technology experts are children. They know how to move deftly on whatever kind of keyboard, how to jump impossible obstacles and kill whoever impedes their way. They are little gods, in a world of common mortals not understanding anything about it or not getting what's interesting in these technological monsters. But are they sure to know them for real? Behind the monitors there is a much more fascinating world that they don't even imagine.

During the electrifying SPACCACHIP workshop at the Andersen School, Paola Mirai invited the kids to disassemble technological junk in order to discover the human ingeniousness that created them.

With the help of Paola Mirai's team, SPACCACHIP children reassembled the components they liked the most to create new and fabulous sculptures.

Technological junk lives again in the hands of a new generation!