Gioielli in Fermento - Master Collection, Off Joya Exhibition, Barcelona

Gioielli in Fermento presents a selection of works from the MASTER COLLECTION during the 2017 Barcelona Jewellery Week
opening within the OffJOYA circuit on


Join us at the Apotheke, the laboratory of sensations of Ocaña, the exclusive and trendy venue in Plaça Reial.  An unconventional stage gives the iconic overview on the “fermenting” jewellery gathered over the course of the last six editions of the international Italian themed award.
You will find a happy union between the contemporary jewellery world and the world of wine: in both cases the natural element is turned into something precious and unique.
The whole collection and story of the Award is published on the catalogue, curated by Eliana Negroni.
The Gioielli in Fermento pop-up show will include works by awarded artists:
Maura Biamonti  Sébastien Carré  Nicoletta Frigerio  Akis Goumas  Gigi Mariani  Olivia Monti Arduini  Viktoria Münzker  Liana Pattihis
and selected works by:
Francesca Antonello  Silvia Beccaria  Isabelle Busnel  Alina Carp  Luisa Chiandotto  Luís Comín  Corrado De Meo  Clara Del Papa  Ylenia Deriu  Martina Eiselein  Maria Rosa Franzin  Eleonora Ghilardi  Lucilla Giovanninetti  Steffi Götze  Nicola Heidemann  Mara Irsara Iro Kaskani  Saerom Kong  Mirna Korolkovas  Mia Kwon  Heng Lee  Ria Lins  Chiara Lucato Mineri Matsuura  Paola Mirai  Rosa Nogués Freixas  Esther Ortiz Villajos  Barbara Paz Mabel Pena  Poppy Porter  Rosanna Raljevic Ceglar  Gianni Riva Maddalena Rocco  Stefano Rossi  Kika Rufino  Claudia Steiner  Yoko Takirai  Eva Tesarik  Barbara Uderzo
Mirai Flower | Barcelona Joya 2017
Paola Mirai, Peach flower, handmade polymer, gold, fine Japanese organza, cuff bracelet, 2017, Gioielli in Fermento Master Collection (available), ph. Clara Judica
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