AGC Members at Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition 2017

Culture is the soul of a country and a nationality. The past five years have seen rapid development of China's cultural undertakings and culture industry: more and more Chinese stories have received great claim from the people across the world, more and more Chinese writers and artists have won international grand prizes, and Chinese culture has become a brilliant emblem of China that is rising in the world arena. Thanks to strong confidence in culture and open-door policy of innovative and shared cultural development, China's cultural construction is bursting with vitality, and a path is paved for Chinese stories to spread to the world.

The theme of the 2017 Beijing International 
Jewelry Art Exhibition is “parallel”; and the exhibition is intended to interchange and integrate Oriental and Western artistic creation concepts and under pluralistic environment, to communicate cultural trend, to gather domestic & foreign experts, scholars and elites in the foreign jewelry industry to discuss the internationalization of jewelry design education and the jewelry design industry, to promote exchange of design ideas between China and other countries, and to facilitate cultural creation and cultural development by practice and exchange.

bejing paola mirai

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