Orotrasparente exhibited @ Vessel Gallery

From August 1st to September 1st, 2012 Orotrasparente will be exhibited at the Vessel Gallery, Oakland, California! 

Orotrasparente, Paola Mirai's collection with gold, precious stones, pearls and diamonds floating in a perfectly transparent matter, will be part of the show Creatures, exhibition installation by Alex Abajian and J. Lin-Hsien Kung including also process drawings by Beili Liu :) 

The gallery, managed by the lovely Lonnie Lee, has been recently voted as BEST GALLERY in the last issue of  Best of the East Bay 2012  so there's an even greater excitement for exhibiting there! 

The opening of the show will be on August 3rd, taking part to the monthly Oakland Art Murmur event.

We will be virtually there thanks to a Milan-Oakland real-time connection with Skype! Visitors will be able to see Paola Mirai working in her laboratory and to discuss with her about her work, Orotrasparente :)

Stay tuned for more news :)

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