Concert at the Window _ Piazzale Baracca 2008

Concert at the Window @Piazzale Baracca

When the soprano concluded her crystalline singing and in turn I looked out of the window I saw a changed city: the emotion on the faces of passers-by, usually drawn and elusive, made me realized that their hearts had been touched by the spell that Paola Mirai had hovered in the air and I OROTRASPARENTE, symphony of shapes, had been her Muse.

This is a project that was born in Paola Mirai’s workshop, from the desire to make one of the most beautiful cities in the Europe dream, teaching them to give space not only to material matters but also to sentiment, to both art and to poeticalness. Foreign sounds that merge in a kind of cross contaminatory dialogue that ultimately enhances the native uniqueness of each person. Musicians who ask for the hospitality to fling open the windows of Milan and scatter into the air the voices of instruments and a Soprano singer. New stages for classical music that enrich the heart of the community.








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