Cirkuita 2.0 @ Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia 05.24.2012


The second Paola Mirai workshop Cirkuita 2.0

from the windows of the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia. 

Don't throw away your technological junk!! Paola Mirai could make your Cirkuita jewel out of it ;)

Even out of this one!

.."what will come out of my piece?"

Omar is one of our trusted disassemblers!

and Fabrizio can find something interesting even in an electronic toy!

Paolo, being a paleontologist, is used to look for the remains of technoorganisms that lived in the past.

As Alice is explaining... "in Cirkuita, the traditional expensive gem is replaced with a zero-cost technological component with a great symbolic value"

Tommaso is observing and giving advices :D

Gio is working hard to extract something beautiful!

The process is really fascinating: you can't miss it!

Some parts are really hard to disassemble, right Clemente? :P

Gina is doing her best to try herself to disassemble this part..

To find the perfect technological piece for your Cirkuita jewel Elia uses all his architectural meticulousness :)

The Cirkuita 2.0 workshop is special both for participants and for spectators!

Once you find your "gem" for your Cirkuita jewel, it's time for the composition with Paola Mirai!

You discuss with her about every single aspect of the special creation you long it to be.

Sometimes the process can take longer than what you expected...

because not every component can became part of Cirkuita jewel, as Cry is saying :P

In the end comes OROTRASPARENTE, thanks to Eraldo's magical hands :)

Cirkuita 2.0 is interaction, participation, ...

... and so much fun!! Joere and Joe definetely helped with it through their experimental and technogical music!

And the tea infusions by Gabriella e Naomi >> broadening our horizons :)

but maybe not everybody is ready for it :D :D

Here Paola Mirai with the lovely Mr Fiorenzo Galli and MIss Barbara Soresina, respectively general manager and marketing manager of the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia.

Everything you have seen has been possibile thanks to the deep and constant dialogue between Paola Mirai and her happy team... like here, where she is talking with Clara, her trusted and loved videomaker!

Paola wants to say THANK YOU! to Luis all the Cirkuita lovers and to her happy team >>

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