Cirkuita: jewels from junk

Each jewel has its origins in an high tech scrap that I opened and re-interpreted as a source of contemporary beauty. 

Each component can finally be appreciated also for its aestethical value, usually hidden and neglected, and it becomes a contemporary "gem" that floats into OROTRASPARENTE pure light. This “technological junk” creates a new functional and symbolic aesthetic that fits in with the ecological spirit of our era and anticipates the cyber - existence.

"From a male sunset, a new female dawn that vibrates with electrical memories. Eradicated from they electrical nest, these metallic synapses come into a new material of light, as pulsating, of the technological age”

One off artwork strictly handmade in Milan.

Cirkuita to represent a warrior goddess: each jewel comes from an old technological device that I opened and re-interpreted, an unlimited source of contemporary beauty. 

>> band bracelet | from iPod trackpad


>> band ring | from computer keyboard

     Point and Line to Plane, I love Kandinsky



>> band bracelet | from computer flexible circuit

     Pirates gave me as a present Cleopatra's golden bracelet


>> band ring | from a very rare computer keyboard flexible film


>> band ring | from a very rare keyboard flexible film

     How deep is the sea? I love Lucio Dalla


>> band bracelet | from a very rare computer keyboard flexible film


>> spaceship bracelet | from a blade shutter of an old camera


>> infinite temple ring | from a computer circuit


>> band ring | from keyboard and flexible circuit


>> band bracelet | from a computer circuit


>> spaceship bracelet | from an old camera


>> band ring | from an old camera