Cirkuita: making of

Recycle and Uniqueness, Antiquites and High-tech.

My most technological soul lives in Cirkuita, radiant expression of Contemporaneity that is in my being OROTRASPARENTE. By overlaying me with the arcane allure of tiny devices, Paola Mirai has endowed me with cyber sensuality: gears chips mechanisms and springs of every shape and color, once a pulsating heart of industrial chimeras, they are technological gems subtracted from oblivion which through me they can again vibrate with new aesthetics and functionality.

"From a male sunset, a new female dawn that vibrates with electrical memories. Eradicated from they electrical nest, these metallic synapses come into a new material of light, as beating icons of the technological age". 

Cirkùita are unique artworks handmade by Paola Mirai. There are no two identical people on earth, so there will never be two identical Paola Mirai's Cirkùita on sale. MADE IN MILAN

Here INSIDE CIRKUITA SOUL a video interview about Paola's handmade production process.